The Preventative Package

Where you are at?

You have niggly aches and pains that are limiting your activity. You feel you should do something to get the body moving but you don’t want high impact activities or group classes. You have tried painkillers, but you are looking for a long-term solution.

The problems you have right now

You wake up in the morning and your body is very stiff. Sitting for long periods of time, driving, bending over and lifting are a struggle.
You have tried the gym and other forms of exercise, but they haven’t helped.
You don’t really know what form of exercise would be best for your body and you know your daily routine is not helping the aches and pains. You just feel a bit out of sorts and want to do something that will make you feel better.

What you need help with right now

You need to find a way to manage your pain fast, to prevent further damage.
You want to get back to a life without pain.
You need regular 1:1 sessions, to make sure you do your exercises regularly so that the pain does not return, enabling you to manage the pain and gain control over it.
You need to build strength in your core, fast, to help support your spine, thereby easing muscle spasms and tension.
You need advice and support on the best movements for your body and on how to improve your posture. You need a boost to feel better about yourself, both mentally and physically.

The package that will suit you best is The Preventative Package

This package will kick start you, physically and mentally, for a new, pain-free life. You will learn how to build up muscle strength and flexibility.
You will attend 1:1 sessions once or twice a week: this will make a big difference to your pain and will ensure you get results quickly.
Most clients are looking to relieve back/neck /shoulder pain, by building core strength and keeping mobile

You will exercise in your own time in order to prevent the aches and pains from returning. It is through learning and practicing appropriate exercises that you will develop strategies for when you are in pain, allowing you to stay focused and on-track for your new, improved quality of life.

Support also includes:
Bi weekly 1:1 sessions
Bespoke training – modified as necessary
A FREE Thera band – piece of Pilates equipment that will enhance your workout.

Before I started working with Susan I was postnatal 8 months with lower back stiffness. I had no reservations about working with Susan. The process has been straightforward and focussed and as a result no more back pain. The one best result is that I have reprogrammed myself to exercise. I felt so far behind and that I would never feel fit again, but now I am back in the game!


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