Recovery Package

Where you are at?

You have constant back/neck/shoulder pain, or you’re recovering from surgery.

You want a transformational change of lifestyle.

You have tried pain killers, but you are looking for a long-term management solution.

The problems you have right now

I feel ten years older than I am and the pain drains me.

I can’t sit for long periods of time, and driving, bending over and lifting are a struggle.

I have tried the gym and some exercise, but these have not helped.

I have little energy and motivation for work, and my personal life is affected too.

What you need help with right now

You need to do the appropriate corrective exercises regularly in order to get rid of the pain. Once the pain is relieved, you will feel in control of your body and will have a pattern of exercise to follow, so that it does not come back. Gradually, you will build your fitness levels, first of all by building strength in your core to help support your spine, thereby easing muscle-strain and relieving pressure on the joints.

You want to feel good about yourself all the time and get your mojo back so you can life to the fullest! But you feel you can’t do this on your own and would like a little inspirational and practical help.

The programme that would suit you the best is the Recovery Package

This programme is designed to focus on getting you out of pain, using appropriate corrective exercises to build up strength and flexibility quickly.

Two sessions of 1:1 a week would ensure that you are getting the best results, fast.

You will receive feedback and homework to keep you focussed and on-track for your new life.

Core strength is the vital key to reducing neck/back/shoulder pain, so this needs to be built quickly and correctly –specific techniques will be taught, with an attention to detail which will improve your mobility and confidence.

This package is specifically for those that are recovering from surgery and those who wish to get rid of their pain, through developing appropriate exercises to manage pain and improve quality of life.

Support includes:

Bespoke 1:1 sessions

Home programmes designed specifically for you, with appropriate corrective exercises to rehabilitate you as soon as possible

A FREE Thera band Pilates equipment to enhance your work out.

Recovery Success


Before I started with Sue, I had surgery on my shoulder and was in pain for a number of years. I was not confident with my upper body strength. I was uncertain about working with Sue, but the process of working with her has been good as we have gradually built up to more difficult exercises, to build my strength and confidence slowly. It is amazing what I am able to do without pain at the end of the lessons vs when we started. The one best result is getting the right head and neck position, which has significantly reduced the strain on my neck and shoulders when doing certain exercises. This has allowed me to strengthen my core but maintain a relaxed neck position and reduce the pain in my shoulder. Overall I feel stronger, with less tension in the upper body.



I suffer from mechanical lower back pain. I really want a stronger less painful back. The free session helped me to identify and have a better understanding of the parts Of the body that should be working. I was given exercises to identify and get my core working. I have invested in the recovery package and I look forward to pain-free, fun playing with my children under the age of 5.



If you would like to more information about the recovery package, please get in touch below.

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