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Sue is a corrective exercise specialist helping men and women get out of pain using Pilates and appropriate exercise programmes to learn how to look, move and feel great. Pilates with sue is not just a class or a workout, Sue aims to prepare her clients to practically apply exercises to achieve sporting goals or coping and improving daily living activities done without pain. Sue’s sessions are fun, creative and practical. Clients will feel challenged.

Looking for “effective Pilates” then this is for YOU!

In Sue’s lessons you will learn how to use your body better, exercise holistically, engaging both mind and body. Sue’s focus is on good technique, aiming to achieve correct posture to get clients to engage the right muscles to do the right job. Sue works with her clients at their pace to challenge them from which Sue’s passion is to create an Ah-ha moment when you find and experience great connection with your body to perform movement patterns well. The results of being taught by Sue will enable you to stand taller and carry yourself better. Sue’s students learn to look, move and feel great in whatever they do.

When you leave one of Sue’s sessions you will:

Look, move and feel great.

Feel taller and mentally stronger from the inside.

Coping strategies will be better and goals will be achieved.

Be ready to face the challenges that life throws at you with new found self-confidence.

Proud of your body and feel educated as to how it works and what it is capable of.

Read what Sue’s client Karen has to say of her experience working with her;

I entered the Room and laid out my mat thinking it has been years since I had done a Pilates Class and hoped this Class would be refreshing and inspiring. Sue’s expert knowledge and experience soon shone through as she explained the reason for each exercise, what we are hoping to gain from it and how to put it into practise in our everyday lives. Her clear instructions were easy to follow and she was very attentive as she checked various positions to ensure we were all correct with our posture and our focus. Sue’s helpful examples of how the right kind of posture should feel were insightful and memorable. After our session I felt more aware of my body in a good way and decided to be kinder and care for it better as it has to last me a very long time! I intend to apply what I have learnt and continue to develop with Sue as she has so much to offer and can identify where I need it the most. Thank you Sue!

On occasion do you suffer from back pain, stiffness and achy joints?

Sometimes does feeling weak and inflexible get in the way of everyday life?

Perhaps you would like to move more freely?

Find out how to look, move and feel great with a FREE Pilates taster class.

4 reasons why you should invest in yourself and try this pilates class:

1) You’ll learn the best exercises to strengthen specific muscles, so you can alleviate your aches and pains.

2) You will learn the benefits of improving posture and its effects on reducing stiffness of the joints.

3) Discover exercises you can practise at home.

4) Find out how to strengthen your core muscles, preventing injury and protecting the heath of your back and joints through effective exercises.

Class Details

Group Classes are currently held online through Zoom

Every Tueday at 11am

Every Wednesday at 5pm

These classes fill up fast, so get in touch for further details.

Movement for life provides scientifically based exercise programmes which are individually and holistically designed to achieve your goals. Using Biokineitcs (corrective exercises) and the Pilates Reformer and Pilates mat work are just some of the exercise tools that I use to help you invest in your health to enable you to look, move and feel great!

1-2-1 sessions with Sue are also available, These include;



Standard Plus




Workplace Wellness


What My Clients Say…

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Before I started I had pain in my neck, shoulders and back. I was worried that starting pilates would aggravate my problems. The process of working with Susan has been really good. I have found the confidence to get back into exercise. The best result has been less pain.


Before starting the pilates class I had a painful back. The pilates class whole process has been easy, clear and immediately beneficial. Best result -less lower back pain!


Mum of two children

New Client Special

Get started with Pilates
Sign up for 1 private session and get 2 group classes free

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