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My Journey to Pilates

When I was thirty-nine years old, I was told that I needed a hip replacement, and for a while I thought my life was over. I couldn’t see beyond the shock of it. I was young, I had worked in physical fitness all my life – how could this happen? Then, after some months of turning slowly into a puddle of despondency, I thought, hang on a minute, there must be another way. I thought: before I put myself under the knife or turn to stone from fear of the excruciating pain, I’m going to find that way. Somewhere out there, I was convinced, lay the right exercise tools to give me relief. My hunch turned out to be right. I found the Pilates reformer.

As soon as I began to practice I noticed the changes in my body, and quickly the reformer became a passion: it complemented the strength work I did in the gym, and I found that the aches and pains in my back and hip subsided.

Three years have passed since then. I have not had need of that operation, and I have become a dedicated advocate of the healing, strengthening power of Pilates.

Pilates has become a pillar of my practice. Both mat and reformer exercises have been incorporated into the arsenal of exercise tools that I will use to help your body to function at its very best, no matter your age or physical condition.
After obtaining her degree in Biokinetics in South Africa, Sue arrived in London in 1999. Since then, she has worked in the Health and Wellness industry for over seventeen years. Her area of expertise lies in holistic corrective exercise, either for the prevention of musculo-skeletal injury, or to assist those suffering from acute or chronic musculo-skeletal pain.