Getting Started!


How You Benefit

  • Change the way you live
  • Build core strength quickly – the key to pain reduction
  • Move away from pain killers
  • Take back control of your life
  • Become healthier and pain free
  • Feedback and homework to keep you focused
  • Improve your mobility and confidence

Standard Plus

How You Benefit

  • Relieve back/neck /shoulder pain
  • Kick start you physically and mentally
  • Enjoy a new pain-free life
  • Build muscle strength and flexibility
  • 1:1 sessions once or twice a week
  • Reduce and eliminate pain quickly
  • Build core strength
  • Become more mobile


How You Benefit

  • Realise your true potential
  • Keep you focused and accountable
  • Achieve great results
  • Confidence that your body will perform
  • Mental and physical kick start
  • Build on your base fitness
  • Learn the exercises that get your entire body fit

Workplace Wellness

My schedule is busy and hectic that shows no signs of ending. I don’t have time to exercise or know how to squeeze it all in. I am too tired to exercise and I have constant niggling aches and pains. My poor posture is giving me neck pain. I feel ten years older than I am. I need a schedule of what to do when. I want to know exactly what to do in the gym, at work and at home as time is of the essence. I want the minimal number of exercises for maximal benefit. I want to be pain free and energised so I can be focussed and productive at work.

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Movement is an essential part of every life and affects development, learning, communication, working, health and quality of life. Prevention Reduce or eliminate your chances of injury or long term chronic pain. Maintenance: Strengthen the body in an even way improving general fitness and wellbeing. Recovery: Reduce pain and increase mobility/stability following an injury or operation.