Getting Started!

Maintain and Transform


I know I should be doing something more than just once or twice a week at the gym. I feel like I need to tick that bucket list of going skiing, running a marathon or climbing a mountain.

There is so much information on how to get fit and yet I don’t want to injure myself trying if I go it alone?

I have no idea how or where to start and wonder if it is all too late and just a pipe dream?




Let’s Get Started!



I have niggling aches and pains which keep coming back and I am aware I have bad posture. I need to do something about it so prevent any more suffering.

I want to gain core strength to protect my back and improve my posture.

I want to relieve the pain in my back/neck/shoulder whist toning and strengthening my muscles.

I spend most of the day sitting and want to be mobile, to see and feel a change to have confidence in my body to do the things I love.



Let’s Get Started!



I have an injury or recovering from surgery. I just want to change. I want to get great results quickly.

I want support mentally and physically and I feel I need to be guided through a transformation!

I want to move better and learn what my body’s limits are so I can challenge myself.

I want a strong body with great posture to protect myself from future injury and pain. I want to feel confident and move freely with no limitations in my daily life


Let’s get Started!

Workplace Wellness


My schedule is busy and hectic that shows no signs of ending.

I don’t have time to exercise or know how to squeeze it all in.

I am too tired to exercise and I have constant niggling aches and pains. My poor posture is giving me neck pain. I feel ten years older than I am.

I need a schedule of what to do when. I want to know exactly what to do in the gym, at work and at home as time is of the essence. I want the minimal number of exercises for maximal benefit. I want to be pain free and energised so I can be focussed and productive at work.

Let’s get Started!