Success Stories

I have always been relatively energetic but not done any targeted exercise.
Susan’s pilates mat class works is hard and it is worth it as I have learnt
what exercises work and how. I aim to continue to improve at a steady pace.


Health Worker

I saw Susan mainly to become fitter and increase my stamina and lose weight.
I have a busy and demanding job and enjoy spending time with my family. So I think of going to the gym and exercising as essential to my well being and balance to my life. I have improved my fitness by completing the three peaks challenge and lost 9 kg during the time I have been with Susan. She is attentive and focussed and good fun to be with at 7 am in the morning!


Deputy Director of London Museum

I saw Susan as I had mechanical lower back pain that I had suffered with for 30 years. It was a shock to the system to do exercises but I did graduate from corrective exercises at home to using the gym under Susan’s guidance I now go to the gym 6 times a week and I top up once a month with Susan to maintain my perfect technique and posture and avoid bad habits from creeping
in. I have no back pain, blood pressure and cholesterol have all decreased. Susan communicates well and has the kind of disposition that makes exercise almost pleasurable!



It was not a great situation before I started with Susan as I have not been well. It has been a tough process working with Susan but the one best result is a stronger core. The classes are demanding but Susan is very caring of individuals and good at showing people the exercises.



I had had a back and shoulder injury and had not done the necessary work to return to fitness. I had no reservations about going to see Sue for help: she devised a broad programme to address all areas of the body, while being watchful of the previously injured areas. It is early days yet to identify differences, but already I do feel a definite improvement in muscle strength and balance.

I would certainly refer Sue: she is knowledgeable and able to manage all levels of fitness and strength.



I started pilates two years ago and my posture and general wellbeing improved. I was concerned with sue as a new teacher. I found sue to be very strict and particular in the exercise movements I did. But the nature of the improvement and the demanding high standards ultimately paid off. The one best result is less back ache and tension in the shoulders through even better postural alignment. I feel taller and younger!



The best result from working with Susan is an understanding and awareness of my bodies weaknesses and how to manage them. ( I have lower back pain, painful knees and sore hip). I keep coming back for more as I keep improving so it is quite addictive! I resolved any reservations as I worked steadily with a great trainer who is knowledgeable and caring. I wanted to make sure that the teacher I had would help me to understand what was needed for my body and its special needs.



Before seeing sue, I thought I was quite good, actually better than I turned out to be! The process of working with Susan. Has been a steep learning curve, but exhilarating , challenging and enjoyable.

The one best result is that, through isolating parts of the body, I have learned an awareness of which muscles to use and with greater precision. She may be tough, but she is very observant, and she knows all the quirks that the body will try and get away with. She is a passionate, determined and enthusiastic teacher, and I know that continued work with Susan will strengthen all parts of my body and improve my balance.