Success Stories

‘So proud of my client Ammar who invested in the 3 month transformation package. Listen to his thoughts on what he has achieved and how far he has come. If this sounds like you don’t wait until you turn 50 contact me and learn how to look move and feel great – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain’.

Follow Ammars journey through these four videos, listen to his progress after just:

2 weeks

1 month

2 months

3 months

My client Allison has benefitted greatly by working with me virtually on Zoom. The following are just a few of the positives of what doing Pilates has helped her with

1) Feel better about herself and is physically in better shape now than when she was in her 40s

2) Able to work though tax year end with no back or neck pain while sitting for long times periods

3) Built up confidence to self practise and apply the exercises to her everyday life.

So just -once a week, 1-1 with me, a bit of application and you too can love the life you live!
Listen to her success in her own words.

1) What was your situation like before we started working together?

2) What were your reservations before we worked together?

3) What has the process of working together been like?

4) How did you apply the exercises from the 1-1 lessons into your life?

5) What’s the one best result you got from working with me

6) Did you resolve your reservations of not working face to face?

7) What one thing you would say to someone thinking about doing Pilates on line vs face to face?

Are you time poor?
Do you want convenience?
Do you know that you should be exercising but not sure what to do or how to start?

Then working out on-line in the comfort of your own home could be the answer.

Listen to what my client Annie has to say about working with me virtually on Zoom to get herself out of back pain and banish neck spasms, all from the privacy of her own home. Resulting in new found confidence to live the life she loves. Remember- Movement is for life!

1. What was your situation like before we started to work together?

2. What reservations did you have about working with me before you started exercising?

3.  What has the process of working with me being like?

4. What is the one best result you have got from Working with me?

5. If there is anyone that might be listening who is on the fence about investing in on line training what would you say to them?

Kim’s story

I have always been relatively energetic but not done any targeted exercise. Susan’s pilates mat class works is hard and it is worth it as I have learnt what exercises work and how. I aim to continue to improve at a steady pace.


Health Worker

The best result has been a better understanding of the idiosyncrasies of my body. Through working with Susan, I learnt that the whole of my left side was weaker than my right and that my core and gluteal muscles needed significant strengthening. These weaknesses were the underlying cause of my lower back pain. Susan gave me specific exercises to work through these issues, which has resulted in a complete elimination of any back pain.


I saw Susan mainly to become fitter and increase my stamina and lose weight. I have a busy and demanding job and enjoy spending time with my family. So I think of going to the gym and exercising as essential to my well being and balance to my life. I have improved my fitness by completing the three peaks challenge and lost 9 kg during the time I have been with Susan. She is attentive and focussed and good fun to be with at 7 am in the morning!


Deputy Director of London Museum

I saw Susan as I had mechanical lower back pain that I had suffered with for 30 years. It was a shock to the system to do exercises but I did graduate from corrective exercises at home to using the gym under Susan’s guidance I now go to the gym 6 times a week and I top up once a month with Susan to maintain my perfect technique and posture and avoid bad habits from creeping in. I have no back pain, blood pressure and cholesterol have all decreased. Susan communicates well and has the kind of disposition that makes exercise almost pleasurable!



It was not a great situation before I started with Susan as I have not been well. It has been a tough process working with Susan but the one best result is a stronger core. The classes are demanding but Susan is very caring of individuals and good at showing people the exercises.



Before attending the free session I was conscious of stiffness in my right hip. I enjoyed the session and enjoyed the attention that focused on me and my abilities and weaknesses. The session helped as it enabled me to recognise that I can do simple movements to increase my movement and flexibility pain free


Health Worker

The only time I hurt myself is impact injuries! Skiing has gone amazingly, no injuries to date unless on impact – which don’t happen too frequently! I have got you to thank for my body being properly robust, for which I will be eternally grateful. I have managed to put on a good amount of muscle mass and am properly charging race courses these days. I incorporate what you taught me into every gym routine I do.

Adrian Good

Downhill Skier

Before I started with Sue, I had surgery on my shoulder and was in pain for a number of years. I was not confident with my upper body strength. I was uncertain about working with Sue, but the process of working with her has been good as we have gradually built up to more difficult exercises, to build my strength and confidence slowly. It is amazing what I am able to do without pain at the end of the lessons vs when we started. The one best result is getting the right head and neck position, which has significantly reduced the strain on my neck and shoulders when doing certain exercises. This has allowed me to strengthen my core but maintain a relaxed neck position and reduce the pain in my shoulder. Overall I feel stronger, with less tension in the upper body.



We are extremely focused on staff welfare. The Pilates classes at work are great for creating team building and preventing injury.



I found Sue because I was having such hip pain it was almost unbearable. I sprained my knee badly and the knee sprain threw my gait, such as it was with the sprain, off so badly I started having hip pain. I knew the sprain would heal in time but was not sure the hip would recover because the sprain took months to truly heal. I felt strongly that physical therapy or exercise regimes dedicated to musculoskeletal problems could resolve the hip pain.

We discussed the problems I was having but also the inherent difficulty in doing this long distance – transatlantic in actuality. Sue suggested we give Zoom a try,

I am astonished at the difference my sessions have made. Keeping in mind that I just turned 71, I have vastly more strength, more endurance, more energy and no hip pain. When we started, I had to sleep for several hours after a session. Now I just lay down for a bit and read. This is wonderful – less time spent sleeping during the day. I sleep better now at night as well. I just could not be more pleased!  If I had to narrow my experience down to the one best result, it would have to be the absence of pain. Not only the absence of hip pain   but the Pilates also addressed the sprained knee and it healed very quickly because of the increased movement and blood flow and there is no residual anything.

For anyone who might be reading this and debating whether online lessons through Zoom or Skype can actually work, I would emphasize that my experience online is far superior to my experience in a studio. Sue is an amazing and knowledgeable instructor.


I had an ongoing hip problem causing me pain if I stood for a not-unreasonable length of time and limited walking and moving. I was reliant on painkillers for a lot of the time.

I spent so long telling myself that I didn’t have time for Pilates in my busy life,

I have never been interested in sport or unnecessary exercise apart from walking. I have never had great will power and could find a hundred excuses not to actually do any exercise. Therefore my main reservation was myself and whether I would keep it up.

Working with Susan is brilliant. She is a model teacher. My day job involves developing teachers in a secondary school so I like to think I can spot effective teaching practices. Susan sets the challenge just a little ahead of where we are and then adds in the support to ensure that we get there. She paces instruction with enviable precision and it’s clear that she really knows her stuff. She has been able to work precisely on specific needs as well as incorporating wider strength and flexibility training.

Most of all, though, she is great fun and it’s always a laugh even though we have our lesson at 6pm after a hard day’s work.

The best result, my hip is better and I know how to ensure that it stays that way. I have been able to walk for longer than I have been able to do for years and don’t need the painkillers. Susan has helped me realise I can fit additional practice into bits of the rest of the week – not as much as I know I ought to but more than I ever thought possible. I therefore feel stronger and more flexible in general.

I do a duet weekly so working out with a friend has been invaluable as we give each other motivation to keep going. We also discuss during the work week how we’re getting on and share stories of achy abdominals or growly glutes and this also helps with ongoing motivation.

Having the weekly Pilates at my friend’s home is really convenient and effective, no excuses!


I had had a back and shoulder injury and had not done the necessary work to return to fitness. I had no reservations about going to see Sue for help: she devised a broad programme to address all areas of the body, while being watchful of the previously injured areas. It is early days yet to identify differences, but already I do feel a definite improvement in muscle strength and balance. I would certainly refer Sue: she is knowledgeable and able to manage all levels of fitness and strength.



I started pilates two years ago and my posture and general wellbeing improved. I was concerned with sue as a new teacher. I found sue to be very strict and particular in the exercise movements I did. But the nature of the improvement and the demanding high standards ultimately paid off. The one best result is less back ache and tension in the shoulders through even better postural alignment. I feel taller and younger!



The best result from working with Susan is an understanding and awareness of my bodies weaknesses and how to manage them. ( I have lower back pain, painful knees and sore hip). I keep coming back for more as I keep improving so it is quite addictive! I resolved any reservations as I worked steadily with a great trainer who is knowledgeable and caring. I wanted to make sure that the teacher I had would help me to understand what was needed for my body and its special needs.



Before seeing sue, I thought I was quite good, actually better than I turned out to be! The process of working with Susan. Has been a steep learning curve, but exhilarating , challenging and enjoyable. The one best result is that, through isolating parts of the body, I have learned an awareness of which muscles to use and with greater precision. She may be tough, but she is very observant, and she knows all the quirks that the body will try and get away with. She is a passionate, determined and enthusiastic teacher, and I know that continued work with Susan will strengthen all parts of my body and improve my balance.



I work in an office and spend long hours sitting. I found that I was getting niggly pains, and I struggled to sit still for any length of time in a car, restaurant or at work. I could no longer focus on work, due to the sciatic and back pain I was concerned I would not understand the jargon and terminology used to be able to do the exercises, but actually I found the process of working with Susan liberating. I found out what muscles I should be working, and as a result the muscle spasms in my back, neck and bum have decreased. The best result from working with Susan has been that she is able to pinpoint exactly what muscles are weak or lazy and she helps me to focus and become aware of them. I love how Susan makes reference to the exercises on a practical level, so I can visualise and use the exercises in my daily life. From running outside to climbing stairs and how I carry my bag- Susan’s words are in my ear!



Susan taught me Pilates and how to use it on my bike in the most effective way. By using the core and maintaining the hip-rib connection permanently has increased and distributed my power ratio more evenly on both pedals whilst being able to sustain higher revs for period of time. It has made a huge improvement on my Cycling especially when the gradient it steep. So thank you 😊


Ski Instructor & Keen Cyclist

I suffer from mechanical lower back pain. I really want a stronger less painful back. The free session helped me to identify and have a better understanding of the parts Of the body that should be working. I was given exercises to identify and get my core working. I have invested in the recovery package and I look forward to pain-free, fun playing with my children under the age of 5.



Before I started working with Susan I was postnatal 8 months with lower back stiffness. I had no reservations about working with Susan. The process has been straightforward and focussed and as a result no more back pain. The one best result is that I have reprogrammed myself to exercise. I felt so far behind and that I would never feel fit again, but now I am back in the game!


Marketing for Investment Organisations

“I thought I was in decent shape even though I have had chronic lower back pain for the last 3-4 years.  Well I WAS WRONG.  With Sue’s expert help after 6 weeks my back no longer bothers me.  It turns out my core was very out of shape.

I thought of working out as going to the gym and lifting weights and Pilates as something dancers did.  It turns out I really like it.   It is very challenging I think the core work included with the balance and stretching required is an important key to being active late in life.

Sue’s knowledge is excellent.  I hurt my back on the day before our 3rd. session so I thought I would not have to work out, well she would have none of that.  She very carefully and thoughtfully had me moving and stretching by the end of session it had loosened up considerably.  After doing the same stretches and exercises she showed me the following week I was back to 95% and able to do the regular workout with her cautioning and questioning me through the whole thing. 

Sue has a way of explaining things to make you understand the how and why of all the movements and how to apply it to your daily life.  She also watches your progression and builds upon it adding new things every week to keep you learning and growing stronger. It is unique to me how it builds on itself and all the movements are related.

NO MORE BACK PAIN!  I can feel the difference every day, I have more energy, flexibility and my clothes even fit better.

Throughout the Zoom sessions, Sue is watching your every move to make sure you are doing it correctly for the most benefit of the muscle group and to make sure you are not straining something you are not supposed to.

I also recommend the videos she makes in the sessions, when you watch them you can see the corrections she is talking about which helps you understand and learn the correct movements.  I don’t know of any studios that do this”.


I had terrible pain in both knees and bad back ache. I walked badly and only felt comfortable sitting. I am now 74 years old and the last three years of Pilates with Susan I have done a mat class and and then added a reformer lesson weekly. My whole body feels like it should- active, energised and without pain or discomfort. It is a great feeling to be stand upright and walk easily.

It has been a challenging journey and Susan expects you commit and work hard but she is always encouraging to keep me trying to do better and apply Pilates to my daily living activities.

If you want to feel well and strong, I really urge you to give pilates a try – after all you only have one life and one body.


Before I started working with Susan
I had experienced extensive abdominal surgery over several years that led to the need for the repair of a very large abdominal hernia. This was done by inserting an A 4 sized collagen mesh below my ribs and down to my hipbone. After 3 months I was allowed to begin exercising gently. I had lost a great deal of muscle mass and could not rotate my torso. Very little stamina.
The process of working with Susan meant I had a unique and carefully planned corrective exercise programme which has given me enormous improvement in every area; flexibility, core strength, stamina and posture.
My one best result I can say is Confidence. I have been able to play tennis again plus successfully learn paddle boarding and just recently began bouldering. I am fitter now than I was 10 years ago.


Sonia – Testimonial

Before starting Pilates with Susan I was reasonably active, walking quite long distances and playing tennis and swimming on holiday, but I was finding myself increasingly inflexible – notably not comfortable reaching into low cupboards and bending awkwardly while gardening.  Past injuries from sailing and skiing had left my knees, back and shoulders vulnerable.  However, to be honest, I had not realised quite how bad things had got until Susan gently challenged me to stand on tiptoe and sit back on my heels – both of which proved much more difficult than I expected.  I quickly declared that sitting in “child’s pose” was not going to happen!

What a difference working with Susan has made!  Her careful planning and clear explanations have ensured that I have experienced progress on a week by week basis and now have a flexibility and developing core strength that continue to surprise me.   I am now much more conscious of ways to maintain a healthier posture throughout the working week and really appreciate Susan’s tips for simple exercises that I can incorporate into daily life without the need to get changed for the gym.

However tired I am, I look forward to the session with Susan – it is great fun to share this with a friend and our spirits are always raised by the progress each of us is making.  Before starting, I was a little concerned that we might be quite self-conscious with other, but in fact sharing the lesson probably increases our ability to benefit from Susan’s guidance rather than decreasing it.  We compare notes, encourage and support each other and have fun with the challenges.  Susan is masterful in tailoring the sessions to provide for each of us and manages to get both of us to new levels each week. And all this happens within my own living room, which has been a key facilitating factor in our busy lives.

To sum up, I can’t now imagine not working with Susan on a regular basis – there is always so much more to achieve, but I am seeing the benefit in so many different and lasting ways – from not hurting my knees when walking as my core is stronger, to being able to balance on my toes, and generally feeling healthier and fitter.  And yes, I can now sit back on my ankles quite comfortably- a big tick for child’s pose