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Neck and upper mid back mobility exercises with theraband.

Do you have tension in your upper back, neck and get headaches? Are you always trying to get comfortable? This theraband (medium strength) gives you some resistance so that the muscles not only stretch but have to work too. This would allow the muscles to mobilise, relax and relieve your discomfort. Try these dumb waiter, neck stretch and shoulder pulls.

Working conditions resulting in poor posture – corrective mobility exercises.

Do you work in an office spending long hours sitting, drive a car, spend a lot of time stooped with hunched over shoulders? Do you get headaches, niggly pains and unable to get comfortable or focus on your work demands? Then these practical exercises can be done while you sit at your desk or do them standing while waiting for the kettle to boil. The exercises are shoulder circles, neck stretch, interlink hands behind the back and lift, side bend, neck drops and dumb waiter.

Get ski ready – ski fitness components.






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