BIO + KINETICS= life +movement

As a profession Biokinetics is concerned with the science of movement, applying exercise as treatment in
• preventative health care,
• maintaining physical abilities and
• final phase rehabilitation.

As a Biokienticist I am an expert in prescribing scientifically based exercise programmes which are individually designed to assist you with your condition.

In a sense the “medicine” prescribed by a Biokinticst is exercise!

Using scientifically based physical activity programme prescription (ie exercises) that are unique and based on each clients current physical condition and their goals.
My goal is to improve physical functioning and health care through prescribing exercise as my main modality.

As a health professional I promote health and wellness to create a better quality of life through exercise and movement with those I work with.

Movement is an essential part of everyday life, depended on consistently by people of all ages. Movement affects development, learning, communication, working, health and quality of life.

At a basic level movement permits people to navigate and stay orientated within their environment. It is critical for most work environments and recreation, allowing people to interact more fully.
It is for these reasons movement defines elements of quality of life.

Movement may diminished or lost due to heredity, aging, injury or disease. This loss may occur gradually over the course of a lifetime or instantly though trauma.
Movement lost through chronic and disabling diseases pose additional challenges for patients.
So it would stand to reason that the prevention of the initial movement loss or resulting disabling conditions through the development of improved disease prevention, detection, treatment or rehabilitative strategies should be a global priority.

Regular exercise can decrease the risk of chronic disease

Physical activity can help individuals of all ages lead healthier and happier lives

See me if you
-suffer from chronic illness
-suffer from orthopaedic conditions that prevent from optimising your quality of life
-require exercise as part of weight management
-sedentary and need to increase your physical fitness levels
-improve your daily living activities through exercise
-have an injury which hampers you ability to function optimally