Workplace Wellness

Did you know that back pain is the largest single reported cause of absence from work?

On average, back pain costs £200 for every employee taking sick days each year, and 30 million sick days were lost in the UK last year due to musculo-skeltetal conditions.

15 million sick days were lost last year due to stress, anxiety and depression.

There has been much talk in the news regarding exercise in the workplace and injuries sustained as a result of the workplace environment.  Employing a corrective exercise specialist and Pilates teacher in your workplace could be of great benefit to your employees and to your company as a whole.

Exercise in the office is not a new idea. In terms of health, morale and productivity, not to mention the economic case – a healthy staff means fewer absences due to illness – exercise in the work-place rings a win-win bell.  A study done at Bristol University found that those employees who are able to exercise at work are ‘more productive, happy, calm and efficient’.

Medical costs fall by £327 for every pound spent on wellness programmes, and absenteeism costs fall by £2.73 for every pound spent.

The British Heart Foundation wants employees to make work places healthier and suggests that Pilates classes can be popular, if organised to fit around the working day and delivered on-site or in a facility nearby.

The stats speak for themselves**:

Each year, over a million working people in the UK experience work-related illness.  That adds up to around 27 million lost working days, costing the economy about £13.4bn.

So there is a case to be made for exercise becoming part of the working day, and for bosses paying for it.

Exercise can be done before, during and after working hours, and the benefits are obvious: staff return from a workout refreshed and better able to focus on the demands of the job. Time lost on exercise is made back, and more, in terms of improved productivity. The Bristol study found that exercise-re-energised staff were calmer and showed improved concentration and problem-solving abilities.

With so many desk-bound jobs these days, sitting is seen as one of the biggest killers.

The NHS offers advice on how to manage the necessary 150 minutes of exercise per week, but simply standing up can improve our health. Standing up three hours a day, five days a week, for a year, is the same as running 10 marathons!

Employing a corrective exercise specialist and Pilates teacher in your workplace would benefit your employees and the company in the following ways:

Your company will be seen as a great place to work, valuing staff wellness, which in turn generates good will from its employees.

I will come to your work place, or else your employees will already be at the hotel, thereby minimising time lost.

Teaching your staff will decrease stress and tension, whether exercise is done in the morning to set up their day, at lunch time to break up their day, or in the evening to relieve them of their stressful working day.

Exercise provides a feel-good factor: staff feel more positive, enthusiastic and confident, all of which would boost work productivity.

Group classes provide team-building across a range of staff hierarchies and gets them to meet and talk to others with whom they might not interact, perhaps, in the course of their working day.

I work at the Novotel gym, in Hammersmith, where your main office is based. Your employees may stay in the hotel, in which case they have free access to the gym, which is equipped with a Pilates reformer:

The Pilates reformer can easily spot overworking/favouring limb dysfunction

It can identify incorrect movement patterns and can build up strength, mobility and flexibility, without placing strain on the joints

It is excellent for correcting alignment and symmetry, which is invaluable where clients’ jobs demand asymmetrical movement and prove fatiguing

What I Offer

*1-1 sessions, or Pilates and corrective exercises in the hotel gym, plus personalised homework exercises

*Small group classes: Pilates and corrective exercises, done at your Office in Hammersmith

*1-1 on the Pilates reformer in the Novotel, Hammersmith

The Benefits

*Postural alignment and back care

*Rehabilitation(recovery) from injury or surgery

*Improvement in current condition

*Antenatal and postnatal exercise care

*Stress relief from mind and body…coping strategies using mindfulness and meditation

*Muscle-strengthening and toning

**Statistics according to the Clinical Standard Advisory Group, the Office of National Statistics, and Health Affairs Organisation


We are extremely focused on staff welfare. The Pilates classes at work are great for creating team building and preventing injury.



I work in an office and spend long hours sitting. I found that I was getting niggly pains, and I struggled to sit still for any length of time in a car, restaurant or at work. I could no longer focus on work, due to the sciatic and back pain I was concerned I would not understand the jargon and terminology used to be able to do the exercises, but actually I found the process of working with Susan liberating. I found out what muscles I should be working, and as a result the muscle spasms in my back, neck and bum have decreased. The best result from working with Susan has been that she is able to pinpoint exactly what muscles are weak or lazy and she helps me to focus
and become aware of them. I love how Susan makes reference to the exercises on a practical level, so I can visualise and use the exercises in my daily life. From running outside to climbing stairs and how I carry my bag-
Susan’s words are in my ear!