Workplace Wellness

What if I told you I could significantly improve the profitability of your business?

Yes, really. It might surprise you to know that every employee working in the UK today takes an average of 6.1 days off each year. And of the 34 million days that amounts to annually, 7.6 million are due to musculoskeletal injuries which could have been avoided. Want to know how much that costs on average per employee? A little north of £750. Money that comes straight off your bottom line. If you’re an SME employing up to 50 people, employees with musculoskeletal issues are costing you up to £40,000 a year. Add in absence due to stress and the cost to your business every year could be closer to £60,000. And none of those figures take into account the cost of temporary staff you hire behind absence or the management time needed to deal with it.

Can your business really afford that?

Smart businesses understand that employee wellbeing is directly linked to productivity and profitability. It’s why the most successful organisations doing business today offer wellbeing support as part of their employee engagement activity. Improving health and morale through exercise isn’t about altruism. It makes business sense.

Engaged employees lead to better business outcomes

If you want your people to care about the work they do and the ambitions you have for your business, then you have to care about your people. It’s a simple equation, but one that many businesses get wrong. If employees are engaged, they’re also invested – in themselves, in you and in their outcomes. But that investment has to be earned through an emotional commitment that goes beyond performance appraisal. When employees care, they use discretionary effort. They tend to do more for less, without being asked. They make the effort to get to work every day, because there is a reward for them in being there.

How Pilates can help your business

 Pilates uses directed exercise and relaxation to help build physical and mental strength, leading to better wellness. For people in sedentary roles, it’s an opportunity to improve physical fitness. For those in busy and demanding jobs, it can be a retreat from pressure and stress, encouraging mental wellbeing. You’ll quickly see for yourself the benefits Pilates can bring to your organisation. Research has shown staff return to their desks refreshed and better able to focus on the demands of the job. They are calmer, have improved concentration and enhanced problem-solving abilities.


Crucially, it’s cost-positive for your business because the time they spend in a Pilates session is more than made back through improved productivity.

  Pilates can help specifically in the following ways;

  • Improve posture – lowering the risk of back and neck pain
  • Boosts mental health – improving happiness and self-esteem
  • Improves focus and concentration and problem solving – increasing productivity
  • Helps to reduce stress and anxiety – leading to fewer absences
  • Raises energy levels – increasing capacity for work
  • Strengthens the immune system – reducing the likelihood of illness
  • Help with sleeping and reduces insomnia – leading to better performance

Why call me

 I can help if your people are doing any of the following:

  • Regularly sitting for long periods of time
  • Having to manipulate heavy loads
  • Regularly performing repetitive actions

By working with your staff in the workplace, I can help you to reduce the number of sick days they take – benefitting both the individual and your company.

What I Offer

  • A Pilates workshop at your offices or site once a week, offering corrective exercises and personalised homework plans
  • Personalised homework videos to support your employees’ on-site workshop programme
  • 1-1 on the Pilates reformer in a convenient London location

Pilates doesn’t just benefit your existing staff – future employees will also see your organisation as a great place to work.

Don’t take my word for it, see what my clients who both run companies and work for them have to say below….

If you’d like to take the next step in building a healthier workplace and find out more about what I offer and the cost of setting up a bespoke service for your business, please contact me

We are extremely focused on staff welfare. The Pilates classes at work are great for creating team building and preventing injury.



Before attending a workshop with Susan I had back pain and leg pain as I stand all day.

The session enabled me to show how to be at work and the one thing I can take away is that I can find and use my tummy muscles to stop my back from hurting.

Kitchen team member

Corporate Client

Before the 8am workshop I was sleepy and my back hurt. The class helped me a lot Susan gave me tips to apply in work time and as a result I went home that night with less back pain

Group reservations agent from a hotel

Corporate Client

I work in an office and spend long hours sitting. I found that I was getting niggly pains, and I struggled to sit still for any length of time in a car, restaurant or at work. I could no longer focus on work, due to the sciatic and back pain I was concerned I would not understand the jargon and terminology used to be able to do the exercises, but actually I found the process of working with Susan liberating. I found out what muscles I should be working, and as a result the muscle spasms in my back, neck and bum have decreased. The best result from working with Susan has been that she is able to pinpoint exactly what muscles are weak or lazy and she helps me to focus and become aware of them. I love how Susan makes reference to the exercises on a practical level, so I can visualise and use the exercises in my daily life. From running outside to climbing stairs and how I carry my bag- Susan’s words are in my ear!